Brief But Important News Notes

Upcoming Reptile Show

We will have a booth at the Christmas Reptile Expo in Pomona, CA at the Pomona Fairplex, Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, December 6-7. This will be a good opportunity to get Christmas presents for all your herper friends, or maybe even a nice treat for yourself! This will be our last show for many months, so if you want to avoid having to order your stuff by mail, we recommend you try to make it. The Pomona Fairplex is located just north of the 10 Freeway in Pomona. For further information or directions, call Cedar Hill Reptile Enterprises at (707) 578-3976. One word of caution: for those interested in our exceptional Red-eye Tree Frogs, please note that our stock is currently limited due to large sales at several other shows this year. If this is what you are coming to get, please show up early, as we do not expect them to last long. Also very popular is our tropical terrestrial moss. We think we have enough to last through the show, but we often underestimate the demand, so if you are coming for this, we recommend getting there the first day if you can. See you in Pomona!

Gecko/Lizard Owners: We Need Your Help!

If you own any type of geckos or other lizards which utilize fruit and/or flower products as part of their nutritional requirements, we want to hear from you. We have been told by several customers that they are using our Day Gecko Fruit Smoothie for other lizards as well (Rhacodactylus, Tokays, Lygodactylus, etc.), with apparently good results. If you have been doing this, please let us know. We have a series of questions we would like to ask you. If you have a non-Phelsuma lizard you’d like to experiment with using the Smoothie, let us know and we’ll send you a free sample. We’d like to determine how nutritionally appropriate our Smoothie may be for various lizard species. If the interest is there, we may develop modified Smoothies for other types of lizards besides Phelsumas.

Contacting Tacky Toes

Without going into any boring details, customers should know that Rex is dealing with a chronic illness which often limits his ability to work. He therefore sometimes has trouble getting everything done on a timely basis. And when he is functioning well, the first priority is care of the animals. So please be just a little patient with him, and you will get the quality animals/plants/products you want. We now have E-mail, and this website should always contain the most current information.

We apologize for any past inconvenience. We’re still rather new at all this, but are making every effort to make things easier for you!

Two Great Organizations for Frog Enthusiasts

If you are serious about collecting frogs and learning how to provide proper care for them, there are two organizations you should seriously consider joining. For those interested in tree frogs, contact:

International Hylid Society
c/o William Brown
2607 Thomas Road
Valparaiso, IN 46383

For those interested in dendrobatids (Poison Arrow Frogs) and similar kinds of anurans, contact:

American Dendrobatid Group
Charles Powell, President
2932 Sunburst Drive
San Jose, CA 95111
phone: (408) 363-0926

Teacher/School Discount

We receive inquiries from teachers and schools about setting up natural vivaria in classrooms, and we think this is a great idea! It is an excellent way to help teach various aspects of biology, ecology, rainforest protection, etc. to students – and it is very entertaining! This could be the most rewarding project you ever undertook with your students! To make such a project a little easier, we offer a 10% discount on all animals, plants and products to teachers and school officials, with proper verification. Contact us for further details. Teachers please remember – for live animals, we need payment in advance. For plants and products, we will accept purchase orders, with payment due within 30 days after receipt.

Institution Discounts/Trades

We offer discounts for zoos, aquariums and other institutions interested in any of our rare animals or natural vivarium products. Since we are always looking for other rare/unusual anurans, Phelsumas, etc. for our breeding programs, your institution might have something in which we are interested. Call to discuss purchases or trades.

New Products!

We have added several new products, some available exclusively from Tacky Toes, for your convenience. Check out our brand new Coconut Husk Panels. This great new product from Europe allows you to have a beautiful, natural, planted background in your vivarium or your freshwater aquarium! And don’t miss our exclusive Premium Vivarium Planting Mixes, True Sphagnum Moss, dried banana leaves, and books. Also,take note that we can now offer you a lot more options for a huge variety of specially-selected vivarium plants. Rex personally cherry-picks bromeliads, tillandsias and orchids from many Southern California specialty growers to fill special orders from our customers. We can get beautiful, difficult-to-find, water-holding bromeliads perfect for dendrobatids, or for hiding/hydrating spots for any kind of frog. We can also get many kinds of epiphytic plants, including small species and novelty orchids, to provide numerous hiding places for your arboreal animals. Just tell us what you want! Tacky Toes has made beautiful, natural, healthy Third Wave Vivaria easier to achieve than ever before! We are also looking into adding more products to our line. In response to your requests, we are checking into the possibility of obtaining natural-looking rock waterfalls/basins with filtration which will solve a number of decorating/breeding problems in your natural vivarium! We also hope to offer natural fertilizers which can be used in vivaria without any risk of harm to animals.