Welcome To Tacky Toes!

Tacky Toes Conservatory is a small herpetocultural business which specializes in providing herp breeders, collectors and hobbyists with natural, special and unique supplies for natural or “third-wave” vivaria. The items we carry are difficult to find and, in some cases, carried exclusively by us. We also breed and sell various species of small-to-medium, colorful, rare/unusual tropical tree frogs, day geckos and a few other select small tropical herps. These animals are small, beautiful and interesting, making them perfect residents for decorative household, office or school vivaria and warm greenhouses. Most of the animals we breed can all live together, and with dendrobatid frogs, in community vivaria. We take great pains to provide exceptional natural environments and specialized care for all the animals we breed. Our goals are:

  • To provide a one-stop source of natural and special vivarium supplies, plants and herp care items which are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere, in order to assist customers in establishing an appropriate natural environment and properly caring for their animals.
  • To promote the popularity of small, tropical anurans and saurians.
  • To promote the keeping of reptiles and amphibians in appropriate environments.
  • To promote vivaria as desirable decorative and educational additions to homes, offices and classrooms, like aquaria.
  • To provide a source of quality captive-bred, rare animals for herp hobbyists, collectors and educators.
  • To study the nutritional and environmental needs and habits of these herps in order to provide more extensive and accurate information on their proper care.