Special Services

Plant Consultation and Acquisition

For those customers who need advice in the selection of appropriate bromeliads, tillandsias and orchids for their vivaria, we will be happy to assist. If you live in an area where these plants are difficult to find (unfortunately, this includes most of the country outside Southern California and Florida), or if you are too busy or not quite confident enough to search out and acquire a selection of plants for your vivarium, just call us. We will use our resources to put together a nice selection, which will suit your specific needs/desires, and send it to you. We are fortunate here to have access to a large number of exceptional growers/collectors of an almost endless array of bromeliads, tillandsias, orchids, etc. We have good working relationships with many of them. We can discuss your needs based on the size and type of vivarium, the animals you will be housing and the look you want. We can then put together an appropriate selection of outstanding plants, individually cherry-picked by Rex, and ship them to you. Contact Tacky Toes for details.


Vivarium Consultation and Design

Overwhelmed by the prospect of designing and putting together a beautiful, appropriate, functioning natural vivarium for your animals? We can help. We can recommend appropriate tanks, equipment, substrate, plants, etc. For those within a reasonable distance from us, we can even come into your home or office and completely set up your vivarium for you! Contact Tacky Toes for details.


Breeder Referral

Looking for other kinds of unusual animals? Something that we don’t breed? We know a lot of other breeders, collectors, upscale herp stores, etc. We might be able to refer you to someone who can help you. Just ask. Of course, we’re referring to collector-type herps. Please don’t call and ask if we know where you can get an iguana or boa constrictor cheaply. For such things, go to your local herp store or herp show.

Waiting Lists

We sometimes run out of some kinds of animals, especially during the winter months and after large reptile shows where we usually sell a lot. We maintain waiting lists for people who want animals of which we are temporarily out of stock. We place names on the list in the order they are received. As it becomes clear how many animals will soon become available, we contact the first people on the list. We do not establish a waiting list unless we are reasonably sure that we will have more of the animals to offer within a relatively short time. A non-refundable 10% deposit is required to hold a place on the waiting list for a particular animal. If the animal cannot be provided due to our failure, your deposit will, of course, be returned. We will give you an estimate of how long it will be before we can provide you with your animal. Inquire if interested.

Mailing List

We maintain a mailing list of customers and other interested people. We plan to send out newsletters/catalogs several times a year. Customers will be added to the mailing list automatically, unless you request otherwise. We will be happy to add other interested people to the mailing list upon request. However, we will purge the list on a yearly basis of people we haven’t heard from for at least a year. If you haven’t been a customer in that time, but wish to subscribe to the newsletter/catalog, you can do so for $2.00 per year. This will just cover our cost of producing and mailing it to you.