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Tacky Toes Special Day Gecko Fruit Smoothie

Please Specify Regular, High-calcium, or Low-calcium
6 Fl. Oz. Package: $5.95


Tacky Toes Special Smoothie Feeding Station

$1.50 each

Replacement plastic cups:
Package of 10 — $.25; Package of 25 — $.50


Tacky Toes Premium Vivarium Planting Mixes


Basic Mix — For Most Tropical Plants
6 Qt. Bag: $6.95


Chunky Mix — For Bromeliads & Terrestrial Orchids
6 Qt. Bag: $6.95


Fine Topping Mix — For Tropical Terrestrial Moss & Other Ground Covers
3 Qt. Bag: $4.50


True Sphagnum Moss


Premium Grade
1 Qt. Bag: $3.00


Planting Grade
1 Qt. Bag: $1.29


New! Coconut Husk Panels

This is a great new product from Europe which makes artificial tank backgrounds obsolete. These panels are made from 100% natural coconut husk fiber. They can be used in both vivariums and freshwater aquariums to create a beautiful, natural, planted background. They are easily cut to size and attached to the back of the tank using silicon glue. Plants of all sorts can then be attached using wooden skewers, fishing line and other appropriate fasteners. The plants will root into the panels and grow, forming a lush, green background. Our bromeliads, tillandsias, orchids and mosses will all grow happily on these panels, as will many ferns and other epiphytic plants. In the vivarium, these panels will absorb and hold moisture, providing a constant source of humidity. In the aquarium, they are pH neutral and offer additional natural support for aerobic bacteria. Why have a tacky picture of the forest taped to the back of your tank when you can have the real thing growing there?!


Coconut Husk Panels
23.4 X 7.8 X 1.2 inches (60 X 20 X 3 centimeters)
$14.00 Each


Dried Banana Leaves

These are very useful as hiding/sleeping retreats for both frogs and geckos, and as egg-laying sites for day geckos and many other kinds of lizards. They can simply be placed on the vivarium floor or hung up around the vivarium for arboreal animals. You will be amazed at how much your animals love to use them! Easily and cheaply sent to you in a standard 9X12 envelope through the regular mail!


Dried Banana Leaf
Package of Several Sections