General Info

Natural (“Third Wave”) Vivaria are the only way to go. Natural vivaria are easy to maintain and produce beautiful, superior environments for the animals, in which they are healthier, happier and reproduce better. We encourage customers to decorate their vivaria with a nice variety of plants, both for the benefit of the animals and for esthetic purposes. Bromeliads are beautiful and make good hiding places for animals. They are especially useful in vivariums containing dendrobatids (Poison Arrow Frogs), as many species of these frogs use the water contained in some bromeliad leaf axils for breeding. Orchids are, of course, beautiful. But they can also be useful as hiding places, and the nectar or pollen of some species is enjoyed by some species of lizards. Bromeliads, tillandsias and orchids are especially useful in vivaria for arboreal animals such as tree frogs and day geckos because many of them are epiphytic and can be used on branches, etc. to provide lots of living/hiding/breeding space throughout the entire volume of your tall vivarium.

Tacky Toes keeps on hand a certain number of selected plants which are very useful in most tropical vivaria and/or relatively difficult to find elsewhere. We do this for the convenience of our customers in order to get them quickly and easily started in setting up an appropriate natural vivarium for their frogs and lizards. We can obtain a much wider variety of plants for you by special arrangement. See our Special Services section. Almost any of the plants described below are available for sale at any reptile show where we have a booth. A Plant Care Sheet is included with each purchase.

Available Plants

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  • Tropical Terrestrial Pillow Moss (Dicranum sp.)
        8 in. X 7 in. tray:


  • Tropical Fern Moss (Hypnum sp.)
        8 in. X 7 in. tray:


  • Assorted Small Tillandsias


        2 to 10:


        More than 10:


  • Spanish Moss
        Nice-sized bunch:


  • Bromeliads
        Small to Medium Bromeliads, our choice
        Specify Decorative, Frog or Gecko use


  • Orchids

    We do not keep orchids on hand for sale. However, we can obtain most any kind you want by special arrangement. We do not ship orchids in bloom because the flowers would almost certainly be damaged during transit. But we can obtain healthy plants, often with flower stalks beginning to form, which will produce flowers of the basic type and color you want, if provided with the proper environment/care as instructed. We also have a small selection of exceptional orchids in bloom for sale at any reptile show where we have a booth. Inquire for types and prices.

  • Tropical Houseplants

    Tropical Houseplants will probably make up the bulk of the plant decor in most people’s tropical vivaria. We do not carry these, since a more-than-adequate selection can probably be found in any decent plant shop, many nurseries and even some Home Improvement stores in most cities. We can recommend some good kinds.