Terms & Shipping Information

We are a small business which handles rare, delicate animals as well as plants and products. Because of these circumstances, each order is different and details must be worked out individually. We use a variety of packaging and shipping methods, depending on the needs of the animals and the wishes of the customer.

To Order:

Orders can be placed by phone. All details can be discussed and arranged at that time. Call Tacky Toes at (623) 864-7860 .


We will use any recognized, reliable carrier (as judged by us) which the customer wishes. These might include The regular U.S. Postal Service, Express Mail, Airborne Express, one of the Air Cargo services like Delta Dash, etc. It depends on what is being shipped and how fast it needs to get to you. Obviously, faster and safer services which deliver within hours will cost more, but for some of the rare and expensive animals it may be worth it to you. For animals, we do insist on a carrier who can guarantee delivery within 2 days. We care too much about our animals to allow them to be killed during a long shipping ordeal. Let us know what you want to do, and we will check rates and times for you.

We will need a complete address, including a street address and P.O. box if you have both, in order to make appropriate shipping arrangements. We also need a phone number where we can reach you in case of problems. (We do not give out our customers’ addresses or phone numbers to anyone else without permission!) The shipping charge is added to the cost of your order. We guarantee that animals and plants are absolutely healthy and vigorous when they leave Tacky Toes. We cannot answer for what happens during transit or after they are in your care. If you wish to purchase any insurance above any offered as standard by the carrier, let us know. In case of problems, contact Tacky Toes and the carrier immediately. We suggest that you open your package immediately upon receipt, in the presence of the carrier company’s delivery person or representative, so that any damages from shipping can be noted. We carefully prepare and label all our packages and problems are extremely rare.

Box Charge:

We use some of the best, sturdiest, well-insulated boxes you will ever see. But they cost a little more than those used by most shippers. Therefore, it is necessary to include a box charge on any order less than $100.00. For cardboard boxes, the charge is $3.00. For insulated foam boxes (including the outer cardboard box), the charge is $5.00. After you receive your shipment, you will find that the box is still in such good shape that you can use it over and over again for your own personal shipping, storage, etc.


Payment can be made by Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, or Business Check. Do not send cash. Sorry, we are not set up for credit card use at this time (possibly in the future). Payment must be made prior to shipping of order. Personal and business checks must clear before shipment, unless we have had positive dealings with you before. All Money Orders or Checks should be made out to Tacky Toes Conservatory.

Address/Phone For All Orders, Information, Etc.:

Tacky Toes Conservatory
27570 S. Arizona Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85248
Phone: (623) 864-7860