General Info

Tacky Toes breeds a select group of the small-to-medium-sized, rare and beautiful day geckos from the tropical rainforest portions of the island of Madagascar and other islands in the Indian Ocean. They live as breeding pairs or groups in large, vertically-oriented vivaria which have been specially designed and constructed for day geckos. These vivaria are furnished entirely with live plants and simulate the geckos’ natural environments, with lighting, temperature and humidity all carefully controlled. The geckos are fed several kinds of insects in addition to our special Day Gecko Fruit Smoothie.

We have limited numbers of various species available on a regular basis, some seasonally. In addition to those currently available, we are working with several other species. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask. If it’s a species we don’t breed, we may be able to refer you to another breeder who does. We maintain two or more unrelated breeding pairs of most species, so it is usually possible to obtain unrelated individuals. Each Day Gecko is accompanied by a receipt and information on date of hatching and parental lines.

Available Species

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Other Day Geckos We Are Working With, Some Available Soon:

Flat-tailed Day Gecko (Phelsuma serraticauda)
Four-spot Lined Day Gecko (Phelsuma lineata bombetokensis)
Little Day Gecko (Phelsuma pusilla pusilla)
Little Blue Day Gecko (Phelsuma leiogaster isakae)
Mauritius Ornate Day Gecko (Phelsuma o. ornata)
Robust Peacock Day Gecko (Phelsuma quadriocellata lepida)